State Jr Beta Results

Below are results from State Jr. Beta Competition.  
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Landry Steenbergen - President  

Anna Kate Alexander - Reporter

BCMS and NJES made finals for Group Talent & competed 2nd day at State Jr. BETA.  North Jackson Elementary placed 2nd in the finals, which qualifies the school for National Convention. Austin-Tracy Elementary advanced to finals for SongFest and performed at Friday's closing session where they placed 2nd also qualifying them for the National Convention. 

Austin Tracy Elementary

Songfest – 2nd place



President - Landry Steenbergen

Speech – 1st place - Elizabeth Doyle

Banner – 1st place

Scrapbook – 2nd place

Fiber Arts - Cross Stitch – 3rd place - Briley Burks


Spotlight Your Club - 2nd place
T-shirt – 3rd place
Poetry Division I – 1st place - Katie Murphy
Digital art Division I – 1st place - Chase Riley


North Jackson Elementary

Visual Arts- 1st place-wreath-Berkley Clemmons & Kennedy Middleton

Group Talent – 2nd place

T-shirt – 2nd place - Grant Harper

Math - Division 1 – 2nd place - Presley Neagle

Visual Arts – 3rd place - Recyclable Art - Presley Neagle


Park City

Essay, Division 2 – 1st place - Megan Shirley

Robotics – 1st Place - Hunter Wilson, Caleb Janes, Gavin McCord, Daniel   Shirley, Megan Shirley

Sculpture Division 2 – 3rd place - Carly Turner

Jewelry Division 1 – 2nd place - Chelsea Whitlow


Red Cross

Reporter - Anna Kate Alexander

Scrapbook – 1st place

Woodworking Division 1 – 2nd place - Connor Wyatt

Woodworking Division 2 – 2nd place - Bailey Pennycuff

Fiber Arts - Quilting – 3rd place - Layla Smith


Temple Hill

Banner Division 2 – 2nd place

Spotlight Your Club Division 2 – 3rd place

Math Division 1 – 1st place - Tyler Carnes-Christie

Science Division 1 – 2nd place - Jack Massey



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