Ready Set.. GMAIL Resource Page

Ready Set Gmail

As we migrate from Outlook to GMAIL we have collected resources to assist you below!

Official GMAIL Help Center - A majority of your Gmail questions can be answered here at Google's Gmail Help Center Page or by clicking the ? in the top right of your Gmail window.

Gmail Tips and Tricks - Directions for anything Gmail such as: Add appointment slots to calendar, Share content with multiple people, access stored drive files without the internet.

How to Set Up Gmail on Adroid Phone -  Please follow these directions to set up Gmail on your Android Phone.

How to Set Up Gmail on Apple Devices - Please follow these directions to set up Gmail on your Apple Devices.

Gmail Videos:

  1. Beginners Tutorial and Tips

  2. How to Make Gmail Look Like Outlook

  3. How to Create Labels

  4. How to Use Filters in Gmail

  5. How to Create a Professional Signature

  6. 8 Gmail Tips & Tricks


Google Calendar Videos:

  1. The NEW Google Calendar

  2. New Google Calendar Tutorial (K@TE)

  3. Beginners Tutorial to Google Calendar

  4. 10 Google Calendar Tips & Tricks


Google Contacts Videos:

  1. How to Use Contacts & Groups in Google Contacts - 2017 Tutorial
  2. How to Add Single Contact


V-Team Google Training Presentation
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Click the image above to access presentation.


Resources from the GSuite Learning Center

1.  Switching to Gmail from Outlook
2.  Swithching to Calendar from Outlook
3.  Switching to classic Hangouts from Skype for Business
4.  Switching to Drive from OneDrive 
5.  Switching to Docs from Word 
6.  Switching to Sheets from Excel 
7.  Switching to Slides from PowerPoint

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