Ready Set.. GMAIL Resource Page

Ready Set Gmail

As we migrate from Outlook to GMAIL we have collected resources to assist you below!

Official GMAIL Help Center - A majority of your Gmail questions can be answered here at Google's Gmail Help Center Page or by clicking the ? in the top right of your Gmail window.

Gmail Tips and Tricks - Directions for anything Gmail such as: Add appointment slots to calendar, Share content with multiple people, access stored drive files without the internet.

How to Set Up Gmail on Adroid Phone -  Please follow these directions to set up Gmail on your Android Phone.

How to Set Up Gmail on Apple Devices - Please follow these directions to set up Gmail on your Apple Devices.

Gmail Videos:

  1. Beginners Tutorial and Tips

  2. How to Make Gmail Look Like Outlook

  3. How to Create Labels

  4. How to Use Filters in Gmail

  5. How to Create a Professional Signature

  6. 8 Gmail Tips & Tricks


Google Calendar Videos:

  1. The NEW Google Calendar

  2. New Google Calendar Tutorial (K@TE)

  3. Beginners Tutorial to Google Calendar

  4. 10 Google Calendar Tips & Tricks


Google Contacts Videos:

  1. Google Contacts & Groups (Tutorial by Dean Smith, Monroe County Schools)
  2. How to Create a Group
  3. How to Use Contacts & Groups in Google Contacts (for Chrome) - 2017 Tutorial


V-Team Google Training Presentation
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