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March 23rd & March 24th - will used as iLearn@home days (days 2 & 3 for the 2016-17 school year).  Please go to the teacher's webpage for more information about assignments for those days.


What is a Non-Traditional Instruction Plan?  What will the iLearn@home look like for 2016-2017?

In the Fall of 2014, the Kentucky Department of Education approved waivers that allowed thirteen school districts to use non-traditional means of instruction when school is cancelled because of weather or another emergency.  For 2015-16, the program was been expanded to include additional districts.  The Barren County School District was selected last year as one of thirty-one new districts to participate in this waiver program.   We are pleased to announce that Barren County was approved for 2016-2017 along with 71 other school districts to look at instruction on snow days (or other days that school would not be in session) differently.

The Barren County Schools have a long history of innovation and excellence, and the Non-Traditional Instruction    Program was a natural connection to all the forward-thinking initiatives we have in place.  Under the provisions of the waiver, a district may count up to TEN non-traditional instruction days as regular attendance days in its school calendar and not have to make them up.  Barren County Schools will likely never need all TEN days for non-traditional instruction, so our current plans are to prepare for up to five days after Dec 1, 2016, if needed.   The Barren County Schools will be utilizing the first FIVE weather related closing days, as iLearn@home days.  

iLearn@home 5 days announcement

The non-traditional instruction plan for Barren County is called iLearn@home.    For more information please read the following overview sheet - click here.


Latest Communication about Barren County's iLearn@home initiative to help lessen impact of missed instruction on snow days, or other events.

iLearn@home Video (Explanation from 2016-2017 for iLearn@home with examples and frequently asked questions)  



Other Communication Items

Letter to Families Letter to Families (espanol)    
Overview Information      Map of KY Districts implementing NTI (2016-17)

Frequently asked questions  (updated Oct 2016)

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To find your child's specific work for one of the iLearn@home days (when announced), please visit the teacher webpages on each of the school websites.

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Quick links to teacher webpages -

BCHS                                                         Trojan Academy                      

BCMS                                                        Barren Co Area Tech Center

Austin-Tracy Elementary                       Eastern Elementary

Hiseville Elementary                              North Jackson Elementary

Park City Elementary                             Red Cross Elementary

Temple Hill Elementary                         

College Street Campus


Faculty Information & Resources

Certified Staff Work Day Google Form CLICK HERE

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Staff expectations document CLICK HERE

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