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This class will focus on PreAlgebra skills.  We will continue with the math program called Math in Focus.  We will use this along with enrichments from many other resources.  Your child will be asked to become "thinker and a problem solver".  You can expect your child to have a short homework assignment on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.   Please be sure to check their agenda sheet daily.  The students will be responsible for filling out their sheet with the math concept of the day.  



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  • Assessments

    Assessments will be taken in a variety of methods.  I will use learning checks, hands on modeling and formative assessments like exit slips, teacher observations, ipads, clickers, etc.  Pre and post assessments will help guide our learning.    

  • You Can Do It!
    We will be working on advanced math concepts all year long.  Be sure you get a good nights sleep and bring your supplies everyday.  A large part of being successful is being prepared and responsible.
  • Week Aug. 18th

    Map Testing will occur on Tuesday, 19th. Please be sure your child attends school in order to complete this assessment.  This data will help us to better meet the needs of your child. 


    Class Concepts:

    We will be wrapping up our discussion of Rational Number placement on number lines.  We will then proceed on to study Prime and Composite Numbers and Prime Factorization.  All this is still in Ch 1 of our Math Program.  Your child may have some homework this week.  Please check their daily agenda for confirmation of assignments.

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