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Class Description:
Physical Fitness is necessary for a long healthy life.  Everyone should participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

Tennis Shoes Required - We will be going outside as much as possible these last few weeks of school.  We will be going through the Fitness Trail and playing team sports on the fields.  We will also be running our mile run around the softball field.  

P. E. Class Schedule:

Kindergarten - Hall
4th - Rogers
3rd - Killebrew
5/6 - Rice

k-1 - Johnson
1st - Mahaney
2nd - Carey
5th - Wells

K-1 - Johnson
2nd - McKinney
3rd - Shirley
6th - Bowen

Kindergarten - Hall
3rd - Killebrew
4th - Rogers
5/6 - Rice

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Class Announcements
  • Tennis Shoes
      Tennis shoes are required to participate in physical education class. No exceptions!  5 points from the student's participation grade will be deducted each time they do not have their tennis shoes.  Keep in mind that this is for your safety.
  • Fresh Kicks Trophy
    This trophy will be award to the class with the highest percentage of participation in wearing their tennis shoes to gym class.  This will be a traveling trophy.  There will be a Primary and an Intermediate Fresh Kicks Trophy.  We will recalculate and rotate the trophy every 4 weeks.   So, put on those "Fresh Kicks" every PE day.
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