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  • Week 12/5/11
    Monday - Guided Notes on forming a Union. State Constitution ( Branches of Gov't), Rights of Citizens(Bill Of Rights).
    Tuesday - Article of Confederation notes taking and class activity on creating rules for mock colony.
    Wednesday - Examining strenghts and weaknesses of the Article
    Thursday - Checking for understanding, defining key term through matching exercise. Discussion of answer and review for quiz.
    Friday - Quiz on forming a union.
  • 12/9/11
    Formative Assessment will be on Friday December 9
  • Week 8/9/11
    Monday - Rules and Expectation
    Tuesday - Policy and procedures
    Wednesday - Point system - Notes of the five themes of geography
    Thursday -  Understanding physical and cultural features.
    Friday - Class Exercise on identifying Region, places, movement, and human environment.
  • 8/15/11
    Monday - Map projection and types of maps notes.
    Tuesday - Defining terms - Cartographer, equator, elevation, latitude, longitude, hemisphere, prime meridian, and relief.
    Wednesday - Class project on drawing the five geographic features on poster.
    Thursday - Listing of physical features and special purpose maps. Understanding physical and political maps.
    Friday - Class activity on natural disaster and relevancy in Kentucky. Video illustration.
  • Week 8/22/11
    Monday - Introduction to economics principles (Free market, Command, Socialism). Notes Taking
    Tuesday - Completing the test study guide and discussion.
    Wednesday - Social studies Test
    Thursday - Introduction to Life in the Colonies
    Friday - IContinuation of notes and watching video of Life in the Colonies.
  • Week 8/29/11
    Monday - Life in the Southern Colonies ( Notes Taking). Worksheet completion by student.
    Tuesday - Examining Politics, religion, economy and cultures in the Souther Colonies.
    Wednesday - Identifying Life in the Middle Colonies ( Religion, Politics, culture and economy).
    Thursday - Identifying Life in the New England Colonies ( Religion, Politics, Culture and economy)
    Friday - Comparison of life in the 3 colonies.
  • week 12/12/11
    Monday - notes on a more perfect union. Seperation of powers, Checks and balances, and electoral college.
    Tuesday - Federalists vs Antifederalists. Historical figures.
    Wednesday - Declaration of Independence reading and discussion. Fall semester Fall review.
    Thursday - Fall semester fall review jeopardy game
    Friday - Fall semester test.
  • week 12/19/11
    Monday - Final Review/ Jeopardy/ PowerPoint guided notes
    Tuesday - Semester Final
    Wednesday - completion of powerpoint guided notes
  • week 1/3//12 - 1/6/12
    Tuesday - Video on Biography of George Washington
    Wednesday - Notes on Legislative branch
    Thursday - Notes on Exercise Branch
    Friday - Notes on Judicial Branch
  • Week 2/20 - 2/24/12
    Monday - The Federalist Era
    Washington Adiministration packet and guided notes taking.
    Tuesday - Review on key terms. Discussion
    Wednesday - Age of Jefferson and notes. Discussion
    Thursday - BETA No School
    Friday - BETA No School
  • week 2/27 -3/2/12
    Monday - Age of Jefferson and notes
    Tuesday - trails of tear guided notes
    Wednesday - completionof review notes
    Thursday - video on Age of Jefferson
    Friday - completion of video and answering question
  • 3/5 - 3/9/12
    Monday - Create a travelogue of Lewis and Clark Expedition and watching video of their journey
    Tuesday - Creating a board game of Lewis and Clark
    Wednesday - Presidency of Martin van Buren, Panic of 1837
    Thursday - Age of Jackson Quiz
    Friday - Time Line of the events of Jackson’s life .
    ·        Debate pros and cons of spoils system
    ·        Political cartoon about the tariff from the perspective of a Southerner.
    ·        Qualities of a good president.   ----Does Jackson meet your standards?
  • week 1/23 - 1/27/12
    Monday - The working of the Congress (House of Representative and Senate)
    Tuesday - Movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" Part 1 - 4.
    Wednesday - Continuation of the Movie Part 5 - 8 (Question and answer series.
    Thursday - Movie conclusion part 9 - 15. Discussion and short quiz.
    Friday - Intro to the Bill of Rights.
  • Week 1/30 - 2/3/12
    Monday - test Review
    Tuesday - 1st Amendment, Freedom of speech and Assembly
    Wednesday - Freedom of Press and ourt case Miller v. California
    Thursday - Freedom of Religion limits and Establishment clause
    Friday - Free Exercise Clause and Freedom of Petition
  • Week 1/9/12 - 1/13/12
    Monday - Project poster on three branches of government.
    Tuesday - School house rock jingle on the 3 branches of government/Article 1.
    Wednesday - Creating political cartoon
    Thursday - Check and balances among the branches in the United States Government.
    Friday - Quiz on Legislative/Executive branch
  • week 1/17-1/20/2012
    Monday - MLK Day
    Tuesday - Freedom of Religion and Speech
    Wednesday - Freedom of religion, speech and press.
    Thursday - Freedom of assembly
    Friday - Limitation of freedom of religion, speech, and press.
  • week 2/13 - 2/17/12
    Monday - Review of Amendment (study guide)
    Tuesday - Go over court cases involving freedom of speech and press. Notes
    Wednesday  - Introduction to the Industrail Revolution. Notes on factory life.
    Thursday - Discuss pathway to the West and trasportation means.
    Friday -
    Monroe’s Domestic Policies (Era of Good Feelings)
    Label Map of Missouri Compromise
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