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Google PDF Viewer Plugin
Directions for disabling Chrome PDF Viewer & enabling Adobe Reader
  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. In the address bar type Chrome://plugins & hit enter – this should give you the plugins page
  3. Scroll down the page & find Chrome PDF Viewer – you should see the word Disable as a link in blue – Click on it to disable this viewer
  4. Now look for the Adobe Reader pdf plugin – it will have the word Enable as a link in blue next to it, click that & check the box Always Allowed. 
  5. Close the plugin browser window & try openning your pdf file again.


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Google Search Tools Tip:

When you have students doing research for school projects there is a way to adjust the reading level through Google searches.  

  • When you are at the Google search page type in the topic you are searching for i.e. bill of rights, and then click search tools.  
  • After that click on all results and select reading level.  
  • You will then see a rectangle where you can select the level desired (basic is what some of our students will need).  
  • Click on the reading level and then the search will only give you information that is on that level.  
Contacts To avoid manually adding contacts to the contacts in your Google account, you can import them from your Outlook contacts.  View the step-by-step video below importing them.
Click here to learn how to import Outlook contacts to Google contacts.