100 Mile Club



100 Mile Club


·        Track your minutes of physical activity using the log

·        The goal per week is 100 MINUTES. 

·        For every week you reach the goal of 100 minutes of physical activity your name will be entered for the chance to win $100.00.  If you reach the goal all 4 weeks in a month your name will be entered 4 times.  If you only reach the goal 2 times out of a month your name will only be entered 2 times.  The district will be drawing for one student and one staff member per month.

·        Mrs. Linder will be collecting the log sheets and getting names to Central Office by the date of the drawing.

·        Drawings will take place once a month. 

·        At the end of the school year you need to take your minutes and convert them to miles using the conversion chart.  If you have reached a total of 100 MILES of physical activity submit your log sheets to be entered in a drawing to receive a cash prize plus a gift basket with the list of items to be announced at a later date.  This drawing will take place May 14, 2012.


*PE and recess time can not be counted.  It has to be before or after the school day.  Extracurricular activities do count.

ACTIVITY                                      MINUTES TO EQUAL A MILE
Aerobic Dancing,(low impact) 17
Aerobic Dancing,(strenuously) 14
Aerobics (high impact) 11
Aerobics (low impact) 16
Badminton 20
Basketball (recreational)  15
Bicycling (leisurely) 20
Bicycling (moderate) 10
Bowling 23
Elliptical 10
Fishing, from river bank and walking 18
Football 11
Frisbee 30
Golfing, without a cart 16
Gymnastics 22
Hiking, general 12
Horseback riding, trotting 20
Horseback riding, walking leisurely 65
In-line skating, moderately 16
Jumping Rope 11
Karate 7
Kickboxing 7
Pilates 20
Racquetball 15
Running, jogging 13
Scuba diving 10
Skiing cross country(Moderately) 12
Skiing, cross country(Slow) 18
Skiing, Downhill(Moderately) 11
Skiing, Downhill (slow) 18
Snowboarding( light) 13
Snowingboarding( moderate) 11
Soccer, recreational 14
Softball 14
Stair Climbing (slow) 22
Swimming (leisure) 15
Swimming (moderate effort) 12
Tennis, doubles 20
Tennis, singles 11
Volleyball,( game) 9
Volleyball,( leisure) 23
Walking at a normal pace 20
Washing the car 23
Water Aerobics 20
Weight lifting (Light) 30
Weight Lifting (moderate) 23
Yoga 20