Unit 2 Week #5 One Good Turn Deserves Another

Unit 2 Week 5 Unit 2 Week 5


Weekly Question

How can we work together to solve problems?

Main Story

One Good Turn Deserves Another Told by Judy Sierra and Illustrated by Will Terry

Genre – Folk Tale

*This is a story about a coyote that works to save a mouse in need of help.

Reading Concepts

  • Compare & Contrast

Grammar Concepts

  • Possessive Nouns

Spelling Skills

  • Vowel Patterns (a, ai, ay)

High Frequency Words

behind, brought, door, everybody, minute, promise, sorry

Amazing Words

conflict, pursue, resolve, deserve, mope, coax, ramp, startle


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Program Authors: Peter Afflerbach, Camile Blachowicz, Candy Dawson Boyd, Elena Izquierdo, Connie Juel, Edward Kame’enui, Donald Leu, Jeanne R. Paratore, P. David Pearson, Sam Sebesta, Deborah Simmons, Alfred Tatum, Sharon Vaughn, Susan Watts Taffe, Karen Kring Wixson