Instructional Resources

Instructional Resources

Curriculum Resources 

The Art Zone

Online Textbook Like Resources

Crayola for Educators

New Science Standards

Curriculum Ideas

The museum of science, art and human perception

A Free Search Engine for Learning

Lesson Plans & Resources

Edublog about Integrating Technology

Educational videos, daily current events & many other teacher resources
Meet Me At The Corner
Virtual Field Trips for Kids
Reading Comprehension Resources (K-6)

Standards Based Resources for Grades 6-12
Homework Help & Teacher Resources

Lesson Plans & Classroom Resources


Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

Easily makes a fast,
free video

Online Bibliography Maker

Online graphic organizer/mindmapping

Create online graphs

Convert files to PDF

By: Annerberg Learner

Allows you to collect & organize

Digital Bloom's Taxonomy

Online Polling Website

Secure Social Learning
Network for Teachers & Students

Create your own flipbook with your animations 

Change PDF files into a flipping book

Make a Poster Collage Virtually

Make your own animated videos


Online Photo Editor

A game based response system

Video resources for using programs & software

Students write stories & upload pictures for free!

Easy way to create your own comic strip

Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices

Convert .pdf files to Word Document

Online Photo Editor


Create quick slideshows to go!

Collect, curate, & sort your ideas, inspirations, & projects

Create Animated Videos & Presentations

Create presentations on the web
Click here for
Steps for Creating a Prezi

QR Codes

Information & Websites

Create Online Quizzes and
Organize Results

This site will enable you to type or copy in any text and change the level of that text to meet the need of students.


By EvernotMe: Use pictures to annotate & take notes

Online Student Response System

Draw a Stickman

Choose an artist or a theme, get inspired, and start writing.
Examples for Classroom Use

Find & Create Flash Cards

 Stupeflix Studio
Make a free video 

Turns words in word pictures

Make Images come alive

 Create Interactive Timeline that can be Shared

50 Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom 





Tools for Teaching

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Template
Digital Bloom's Taxonomy

Online graphic organizer/mindmapping

Explore Chemistry

Game Templates

Free graphics for educational use


Easy way to assess students

Mr. G Online
iPads, Web Tools, etc

Build a wall - create an online poster

Free Online Grammar Checker, Proof Reader

Video relating to each element of the Periodic Table

Flash Cards & Vocabulary for Almost Anything 

Lesson Plans Aligned to Standards

Create your own rubrics

Screen Capture Recording



Free worksheets

Daily news interest for students


The Bernie Dodge Site


Videos for Teaching Math