BC STLP Evaluation Rubric

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Student Technology Leadership Program™
The Mission of the Student Technology Leadership Program™ (STLP) is to advance the individual capabilities; to motivate all students; and to create leadership opportunities through the use of technology.

Barren County District Evaluation Rubric 2015/2016

School Level

  • Do all STLP schools in the district have projects that support instruction?
    • Yes, instructional projects are encouraged at all schools and every teacher is encouraged to be a part of STLP by submitting exceptional instructional projects that come from their classroom instruction.
    • In Barren County approximately 80% of all STLP projects are instruction based.
  • Do all STLP schools in the district have projects that support the community?
    • Yes, each school is actively involved in technology related projects that support the community and industry. One example this year is a project with Austin Tracy Elementary and the project "Cyber Learners".. This project is a community service project that gives parents and community members a snapshot of how their child/children learn through literacy and math stations. It familiarizes them with vocabulary that is used in our learning process.
    • The Barren County Video Program requires each school in the district to provide edited videos to present on the community access TV station. Students are responsible for filming, and editing these video segments. There are also contests within the district during the year for school PSA's that run on the local access station.
    • Three of our elementary schools offer "Lunch & Learn" sessions to members of the community showing technology and instruction projects as well as providing lunch to community members.
  • Do all schools in the district have projects that support technical needs in the school or district?
    • Barren County offers a student run technology help desk.
    • Each school has STLP students that assist with technical needs such as computer cleaning, Projector maintenance, installing RAM throughout all district machines, training and program assistance.
    • Students help teachers with classroom websites, manage club sites.
    • The Trojan Academy High School offers and Advanced Tech class that is open to any student that has previously participated in STLP in the past.
    • Barren County Middle School offers computer classes for all students which include, computer parts/repair, software programs, video.
  • Are there opportunities in all schools for STLP students to build leadership skills?
    • Students are considered the mentors for technology in assisting staff, teachers, and other students thru peer mentoring in the use of technology and programs.
    • Barren County has many students who conduct PD trainings, presentations, and workshops at the school, district, state, national levels such as KySTE, GRREC, NECC, and STLP.
    • Barren County High School students are working with select elementary schools to teach keyboarding to third and fourth grade students either during the day or thru afterschool activities.
    • All schools have a video team that is responsible for filming, editing, and submitting weekly video footage to be added to the district dedicated cable channel which runs 24/7.
    • Barren County encourages BCHS FBLA, FCCLA, FEA and other students organizations to work together with STLP for student benefit.
    • Many of the Barren County elementary and middle schools have live news programs using students from various age groups.
  • Do all STLP schools encourage entrepreneurial thinking/opportunities for students?
    • Yes, all schools are encouraged to offer as many unique technology opportunities for students as possible.. some such projects include:
    • Coding
    • School store
    • Tech support
    • Web Design
    • Multimedia
    • Advanced Tech
    • IT Certifications such at A+, Microsoft, Google, etc..
    • Video Production
    • Internet Safety Presentations
    • STEAM Lab
    • etc......
  • Do schedules at each school allow all interested students to participate and join anytime?
    • STLP is a part of everyday curriculum and instruction within the district. Students document the technology activities and skills created, developed, and shared in a k-12 quest towards the Outstanding STLP Student.
    • Every school in the district is an STLP Gold school and offers STLP to any student interested in participating. Schools have varying types of involvement in STLP which helps students who are on a limited schedule and/or availability to attend.  You can find individual school information on each of their STLP webpages by visiting www.barrenschools.com and click on the "Activities" link within each school.
    • Barren County 21st Century Programs also offer STLP and Technology based programs for students to participate in.
  • Do all schools in the district have multi grades/ages and membership reflecting gap groups?
    • Barren County has over 700 students actively participating in STLP with students in all grades, ages, race, and gender included. There are also numerous instances of how students collaborate between grades and ages on projects and activities in STLP.
    • Several of our schools received a 21st Century Grant and offer afterschool activities including STLP.
    • Barren County is home to BAVEL (Barren Academy of Virtual and Expanded Learning) virtual school and we have had student's participate in STLP the last three years.
  • Do schools have stories/examples of students that have been impacted from participating in STLP?

District Level

  • Does the DTC/District provide support with stipends?
    • Every school in the district has a STLP school coordinator that is paid a yearly stipend.
    • The district also supports an STLP District Coordinator position as well as school STLP Coordinators.
    • Regional and State participation is supported and funded by the school district.
  • Does DTC/District provide support with STLP camps?
    • Yes, each school is offered STLP funds to support a camp/program and STLP expenses.
  • Does DTC/District provide support with internships, work or independent studies?
    • We have had many WKU students who are conducting their student teaching participate in STLP activities and other technology programs in the district.
    • We provide STLP presentations to WKU edu classes as part of EDU 250 courses each year.
    • High School students are utilized to provide technology training and programs throughout the district and community. Programs such as:
      • District Video instruction
      • Web Service Management
      • Keyboarding
      • Technical Support district wide
      • Internet Safety
      • Documentation: There were 5 WKU Student teachers who participated in the Region 2 STLP Showcase.
  • Does the CIO/DTC/District provide support with scholarships opportunities?
    • Yes, Barren County has several scholarship offerings for technology related studies.
    • Barren County High Schools offers reimbursement of tuition for students passing their tech certification courses.
  • Does the principal of each school and the DTC/District provide support for a district showcase?
    • Barren County Schools host a yearly District STLP showcase that is funded by the District.
    • Barren County recognizes all student's participating in STLP throughout the year.
    • Several Barren County Principals serve as judges at district, regional and state STLP conferences.
  • Does the DTC/District recognize projects that impact a school and/or community?
    • STLP projects are included in the Barren County Tabloid news, the local access t.v. stations, and in the local newspapers.
    • The district also recognizes outstanding STLP students and projects at district board meetings.
    • Many students have been recognized at Chamber of Commerce meetings and other community organizations.
    • Many projects are videoed and published on the local access TV channel.
  • Does the DTC/District recognize outstanding models in the district?
    • Outstanding models, students and also teachers are recognized by the Superintendant, Director of Instruction, and STLP coordinators at the annual STLP Awards program, and during School Board Meetings.
    • Outstanding classroom teachers are recognized and the district also awards a "Techie Teacher" award each year.
    • Many projects are videoed and published on the local access TV channel.
  • Does the school district have all schools with STLP? (Diamond District)

Regional Level

  • Does a school in the district have students that attend regional showcases?
    • Barren County schools regularly have students present at major conferences throughout the nation including: ( there are too many students to list individually, on average there are approximately 100+ students per year attending conferences)
      • NSBA (National School Board Assocation T+L)
      • NECC (National Education Computing Conference)
      • ITEA (Internation Technology Education Association)
      • KySTE
      • STLP conference
      • National FBLA and Beta students presenting on technology programs
  • Does a school in the district have students participate in fall showcase?
    • Every school in the district has students participate in STLP regional showcases many schools have more than one group.
    • 2016/17 Region 2 Showcase attendees.. 30 showcases registered for the regional showcase and numerous individual student competitions/interviews.
  • Does the DTC/District support a school attending the regional showcase?
    • The district pays all expenses for STLP students attending regional, state, and national competitions.
  • Does a district have more than 1 school (or all schools) attending showcase?
    • All schools in Barren County participate in regional showcases and/or state STLP conference.
    • All schools in the district have showcases selected to present at the state STLP conferenct in April. With 7 schools having more than one project/presentation represented.
    • All schools will be participating in the State STLP conference.
    • Participating Schools selected to present at state are listed on a separate link - CLICK HERE
  • Does a school in the district provide a judge for showcase? (parent, teacher, staff, community member)
    • Barren County provides a judge for each school level plus all  TRT's, district DTC, Parent volunteers, and several teachers and principals.
    • A total of 26 judges participated in the 2016/17 Region showcases.
  • Does a district provide TRT support for showcases?
    • Yes, all TRT's support showcases at the regional and state level.
    • Valerie Stokes
    • Melissa Moss
    • Scott Harper (DTC)

State Level

  • Does the district support STLP schools attending State Championship?
    • Yes, all expenses are paid for students attending conferences.
    • All expenses are paid for staff attending conferences.
    • Barren County has (in previous years) purchased exhibitor booth space dedicated to promoting Barren County Schools and their technology programs. Students manage and run the booth throughout the conference.
  • Does the school have students attending State Championships in an invited category this current school year?
    • Yes, every school in the district will be attending the State Championship in showcases and other categories.
    • It is estimated that approximately 225 students will participate in the 2016 State Championships from Barren County.
    • Winter Products registered to compete at State are: N/A
  • Does a school in the district participate in ThinkQuest?
    • There was one school that participated in ThinkQuest, however they were not ready to upload by the deadline so are waiting until future events.
  • Does the school have students recognized at awards this year?
    • In 2016 the District STLP awarded numerous students with STLP awards.
    • The State Showcase in April 2016 had over 80 students recognized for their accomplishments.
  • Does a school in the district have gold or silver status?
    • All schools in district are STLP gold
    • Barren County is a Diamond district since 2001
    • Barren County is a Platinum district since 2004
  • Do all schools in the district have gold status?
    • Yes, see previous bullet

National Level

  • How has the school gained recognition nationally due to STLP? How has a student been recognized nationally due to involvement in STLP?
    • Barren County was recognized by NSBA as a Video Salute District for their use of technology district wide in 2002.
    • Barren County TRT's present nation wide their model for supporting STLP in all schools and for all students at major conferences each year. NSBA, NECC, GRREC, STLP
    • Students have earned national recognition at FBLA, BETA, STLP, KTLC and many other events for their achievements in technology and leadership.
      • 2010 FBLA Students were recognized for Online Portfolio's, Digital Video, and other technology based entries.
      • BCHS Video students were awarded by the REEL Video company for their anti-bullying videos.
      • 2009 Haley Fisher BCHS Senior made the national top 5 finalists for FFA Video produced to support ag in Ky. here is the link: This is the direct link to Haley's video:  http://www.kysoy.org/news/youtube%20top%20ten%202009.htm
      • 2008 Lucas Mohon received 2nd place nationally in FBLA digital portfolio competition.
      • 2008 BCMS received national award for Bullying video


STLP schools projects

  • Austin Tracy Elementary in Barren County, KY is a school that contains Kindergarten thru 6th grade students. At the beginning of every year, the STLP program is offered to all students throughout the school. All students are welcome to become members of STLP no matter what type, if any, technology experience they have. At Austin Tracy the STLP program is discussed and explained during Morning Meeting throughout the first several weeks of school. The STLP coordinator will announce the first STLP meeting and it is held during the after school program, Eagle's Nest. All interested students are encouraged to attend the first meeting and all other weekly meetings.
    Austin Tracy - STLP team has put in place a plan for a community service project within our school. With the help of two other STLP staff members, we plan to get intermediate students involved in creating and updating district mandated teacher websites.  It is our plan to recruit at least two students per grade level to meet on a monthly schedule to be of service to any and all teachers who want to participate. Teachers will be encouraged to type-up information they would like for others to see on their website. STLP students are not privileged to any confidential or sensitive passwords needed to login. These students, under STLP staff supervision, assume the responsibility of carrying out orders given to them based on teacher needs provided for this service project. Once the intermediate students feel confident in their abilities to navigate through the web site and work orders given to them, students from the primary grades will be added. Intermediate students will then be expected to teach and guide the new and younger members of our STLP team. This is wonderful opportunity for students to work together in a team for the good of others. It is also a hope of the STLP team to relieve some responsibility from the teacher and reposition the task in a way to promote student learning through the implementation of technology.
  • "Pit Partners"

    This project is an instructional type project that provides students in Kindergarten and 1st grades to have the opportunity to learn in struggling areas, like reading and math. Members of STLP are intermediate students that act as learning partners for those students that need extra help in those difficult areas. 

     "Cyber Learners"

    This project is a community service project that gives parents and community members a snapshot of how their child/children learn through literacy and math stations. It familiarizes them with vocabulary that is used in our learning process. 

     Winter Judging - We entered the Mine craft gaming category

  • Eastern Elementary -
    • "Granny Tech" is a project that was invited to state.  In the project, students designed videos to show elderly people how to use technology (ipads, kindles, etc).  Students then went to the Nursing Home to show them how to use this technology.
  • Hiseville - 
    • Hiseville STLP continues to grow and meet new technology goals.  STLP is open to all students at Hiseville and at the present time we have approximately 60 students participating on a regular basis.  All students have the opportunity to join STLP at any time during the school year. Various opportunities are offered for any student that wishes to participate in after school and during school. Teachers and staff members are also incorporating more technology and offer any student the opportunity to join STLP. 
    • Some of the activities that we continue; include teaching various summer camps for beginners, intermediate and advanced technology use. Advanced students continue to plan and teach camp for beginners.  More and more classroom teachers are implementing technology in the regular class settings and submitting projects and ideas to share with others. The district again offered a technology professional development for teachers during the summer.  Technology that has been added this year includes additional projectors and SmartBoards. At the present time every regular classroom and every ECE classroom has a SmartBoard. With the financial help of our PTO, a portable SmartBoard is being purchased for use in the media center and gym. Teachers attended training during the summer and after school to learn how to better implement SmartBoards in class.  Our school always participates in the district and regional STLP showcases and has in the past been invited to participate at the state level with showcases, individual projects, outstanding students and cyber reporters. 
    • One project that STLP is working hard on this year is getting more teachers and the community involved with the use of technology. Summer camp kids have held a workshop for teachers after school so they may learn more about the products and programs that the students use during summer camp. At this time, Hiseville STLP is planning to host at least one community night for any local business personnel to come and learn the technology that school has to offer. Offerings will include how to use PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Publishers and other programs.
    • Another project that Hiseville Elementary continues  and STLP is working closely with is "The Energy Enforcers".  Fifth and sixth grade students are responsible for recycling paper, plastic and aluminum as well as energy auditing of the school.  This project has been very successful with our school earning money for its participation by the district.  The Green Team and STLP have visited all local businesses and the community is free to use the school's recycling bin.
    • Hiseville STLP is involved with live news productions three days a week.  Students also help with video production which is aired on local access television.
  • North Jackson Elementary -
    • North Jackson is full of creative and innovative students who implement technology in everyday activities both inside and outside their classrooms.  We are using Smart Response Clickers, online polling and surveying, and a wide array of graphic design tools and social interfacing to help our messages "go global".  We held our first annual school-wide showcase event in 2012, and each year the showcase grows larger. 
    • NJE Group 1- is a project where students created a website with information about cancer.  They also started fundraisers in the school which raise money for the Hope Harbor project that provides financial support to people that are staying there during cancer treatments.

  • Red Cross -
    • STLP is school wide and also offered in the 21st Century Afterschool Program.  They assist other students with technology instruction, service and clean computers, document camera's, and smartboard proximas.  Students go to lower primary and K to share technology about recycling.  They have received community recognition from their presentations at teh Barren County Board of Education meetings.  We also have two students competing in Cyber Reporting and one in Gaming.
    • Pawesome Pals is a service project where Red Cross students read to cats and dogs at the local animal shelter. This allows our shelter animals to get interaction and love! Our future goals are to raise awareness of shelter animals and maybe even to gather supplies for our shelter. 
  • Park City -
    • We offer STLP to students from kindergarten through sixth grade.  Most of our projects this year have been class oriented, however, we are beginning our second phase of STLP for this year and we will be doing more hands on technology projects outside the classroom. 
    • During the fall semester we took four groups to the region showcase.  Three of them were able to make it to state.  All showcases were community service projects that were able to benefit the school and community.   Rockin' Shoes was a project to help provide shoes to students in other countries.  They plan to extend this project to other schools and local businesses.  Walking Tour was a project to promote all of the great things that you can see on a walking tour of our small community.    We are bery proud of our STLP students and all of their accomplishments.  We are currently accepting new students into the sTLP program for the remainder of the school year in hopes to send even more projects to region and state in the upcoming school year.  we look forward to continuing such wonderful projects that better our community.
  • Temple Hill -
    • At Temple Hill, membership is offered to those students who have experience and interest with technology either from past membershp or teacher referrals.  We target past students with experience so they can be leaders to those students joining for the first time.  We are fortunate at Temple Hill to have students who are willing and excited about learning the ins and outs of technology.  STLP meets on a regular basis as we attempt to schedule around other club schedules. 
    • Science Reading Fair - Students created a project based on the Google Fair idea to have a "Reading Fair" in the school and each student would read a book, created a info board about the book and then create a digital book trailer to encourage other students to read.
  • Barren County Middle School
    • STLP is open and available to every student in our school during the day and with afterschool activities.  We had 8 showcases that competed at region competition.  Five showcases were selected to compete at state.
    • BCMS students also competed in teh Twitter Service and Gazette Reporter with students selected to participate at the state competition.
    • Several individual products will be submitted for state competition to include photos, manipulated images, graphic design, and videos.
    • Robots For All - is a shwocase where students teach others how to assemble, program adn operate Mindstorm Lego robots.  They are learning and helping others learn more about robots!
  • Barren County High School
  • STLP students are working to check the quality of our Wireless access coverage throughout the school district. Students are running scans and making heat maps of hot zones and zones that need additional wireless access.  Using these tests, they tweak the wireless network to provide better coverage and quality of coverage for the end user.
  •  Barren County Trojan Academy--Students are traveling to district elementary schools to teach students in Grades 4-6 how to be safe online. They are discussing online predators, hazards of social media and cyberbullying. Students have created a brochure, prezi and videos to enhance their presentation. They have been in contact with principals and guidance counselors to schedule their visits.

  • Samantha Morgan AND Travis Pendygraft were BOTH chosen to serve as Junior Engineers for Kentucky STLP!!
    In addition to the 2 engineers, our 2 showcase booths were also chosen to move on to State Judging in April.
    1)BCHS Live! -- Presented by Aaron Russell, Travis Pendygraft, Jared Tunks, and Emily Pedigo
    2)Natural Beauty -- Presented by Savannah Moon, Heather Pursley, Lydia Brooks and Meagan Wilson

    School Lunches & Exercise is a nutritional project to inform students about our school lunch facts and also how much exercise is needed to work off the lunch.


The impact of STLP on Barren County Students

  • Luke Hatcher was one of the first students hired by the Barren County School district to serve as the district webmaster. Since that time Barren County has continued to employ a student for this position. Luke is now attending college and pursuing a degree in computer systems.
  • Cory Goode as an elementary student was struggling making low C's. When his STLP coordinator got him interested in computers he became more interested in all areas of school. Cory is now employed as a district technician for Barren County and is attending college and working towards his MCSE certification.
  • Brant Wheeler is a role model for what STLP stands for. He has been involved in SLTP since early elementary school and has mastered video production, web design, newsletter development, and much much more. Brant has conducted numerous trainings for district faculty, students & administrators and has presented at numerous national conferences. He received awards for Beta, FBLA, STLP and more for his technology skills. Brant is another student that has been employeed by the Barren County district (since he was a freshman) as the District Webmaster. Brant is now attending the University of Louisville and works on the side with their Blackboard program base.
  • Phillip Napier was a very quiet and shy elementary student who spent most of his time trying not to be noticed. He became involved in STLP by working with video projects with the school morning news. Since then he has become a student who's expertise are recognized throughout the state. He has conducted video editing workshops for KTLC, GRREC, STLP. He has served as a Cyber reporter senior assistant at STLP and is employeed by Barren County as the district video specialist. His primary role is to handle final editing from all schools in the district and to publish them to the local access chanel. Phillip is a wonderful presenter and communicator to all members of the community. Phillip is now the Director of BAVEL (Barren Academy of Virtual and Expanded Learning) for Barren Schools and has built the online program to over 400 students globally.