Eagles' Nest 21st CCLC


Our mission is simple…

To provide a safe, exciting after school learning experiences for students and community.

Austin-Tracy Elementary was awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant with our business partner, Barren River Lake State Resort Park. We are excited to be able to offer a comprehensive after-school program that will focus on reading, math, science and fitness.

The Eagles’ Nest After-school program operates from 2:30 – 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Students will be engaged in homework assistance, project based learning, enrichment clubs, technology, exercise & fitness, and literacy activities each day.

There is a small fee for students who are involved. The fee allows students to participate in all activities of the Eagles' Nest.  We want every Austin Tracy child to have the opportunity to learn and share in multiple after school experiences. We also want them to excel in every way, and we hope to achieve this through a wonderful
after school experience made possible with the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant.
What's going on in Eagles' Nest?