Principal's Message

Shari Alexander

Shari Alexander
HIseville Elementary Principal

      Welcome to Hisevillie Elementary, where only the best is good enough.  We are looking forward to the best school year yet!  

     Our philosophy at Hiseville Elementary is to educate all children for the maximum development of their potential. We believe in the development of each child, regardless of abilities, past experience, race, sex, origin, social or economic status.  All children should be given an opportunity to develop, to the greatest possible extent, their capacities for happy, useful and successful lives. Citizenship is a key focus at our school. 

     At Hiseville Elementary we believe the instructional program is the basic foundation of our school, and the instructional program should assure each student access to those basic academic skills and knowledge appropriate to each child's needs. We utilize only research based programs with proven success to educate your children.  Instruction is differentiated and individualized to give our children the best educational experience possible. We believe that science, social studies and the arts are as important as reading and math to your child's education experience. Literacy is embedded throughout the content areas.

    At Hiseville, we strive for complete cooperation, clear communication, and mutual respect among the members of the board of education, SBDM members, the administrators, the teachers, the parents, the students and the community.

    We believe that the American Educational System must be the most forceful institution in contributing to a democracy and we pledge to fulfill our role in that process so your children can be productive, informed citizens. 




                                                Cooperate with others.

                                                Achieve a positive attitude.

                                                Respect everyone.

                                                Demonstrate responsibility.

                                                Strive for success.


     These are our guidelines for success at Hiseville Elementary.  We feel that these guidelines will serve our students in all aspects of life and as  they become productive members of society. Join us on this journey at Hiseville Elementary!


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