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What is STLP?

What is STLP™?

STLP™ The Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP™) is a project-based learning program that empowers students in all grade levels to use technology to learn and achieve. It was established in 1994 by the STLP State Advisory Council, which is composed of teachers, students and community leaders. Student-designed projects, products and services are created to help the school and community. The program is open to ALL students in all grade levels in every school (P-16) in Kentucky. 

STLP Outcomes
Student Technology Leaders (STLs) develop good technology, communication and teaming skills.

Other members of the school and community are enabled to integrate and use technology in and out of the classroom as a result of training by STLs.
The technical support needed to maintain the technology in schools and districts is provided by many STLs.
Students who don't thrive in conventional classrooms often begin to flourish in an STLP environment.
Students with a limited set of skills learn to maximize those skills and to gain skills in other areas.
Students earn the respect of others in their school and community.
Students gain technology, communication, leadership and teaming skills; schools' technical needs are met; and communities benefit from the projects.
STLP leads the way in demonstrating skills in the Technology Kentucky Program of Studies; 21st Century Skills and ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).

STLP benefits all involved and empowers Kentucky students to be leaders in the school and community.
Special thanks goes to Issaquah, WA for their early guidance in developing STLP.

For more information contact:

Chris Lile
Hiseville Elementary
STLP Sponsor
149 Cardinal Blvd.
Hiseville, KY  42152
(270) 453-2611 Phone
(270) 453-2612 Fax


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