Barren Beyond the Bell

21st Century Learning Community
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21st Century Learning Center
Barren County High School
Hours of Operation:
7-8am Monday- Friday &
3-5 pm Monday- Thursday

21st CCLC Site Coordinator: Brittanie Cleveland 
Students must have a completed application on file to attend
Daily snacks are provided to attendees through the Federal Feeding Program at Barren County High School.
Barren Beyond the Bell, our afterschool 21st Century Community Learning Center, is getting BCHS into FOCUS this year with an array of programming for all students. Services for Barren Beyond the Bell are linked to four major goals: 1. Increase academic achievement and growth for students in reading and math. 2. Increase parental involvement in educational activities. 3 .Improve students'college and career readiness. 4. Improve student attendance. Through the 21st CCLC grant, we can make more parent contacts, develop relationships with students, provide academic counseling and support systems, track student progress, and oversee the creation of afterschool programming to enhance reading and math, while also encompassing a fun learning environment. 
For the 2018-2019 school year, Barren Beyond the Bell will be using the acronym FOCUS as an organizational tool for programming. Through the 21st CCLC Grant, we are able to offer academic counseling to all Barren Beyond the Bell students while offering programming options that enhance the school day and improve after school activities. 
Finding Our Careers Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
College and career readiness is extended into our afterschool programs through Academic Team, Breakfast Club for academic extensions,Test Preparation Workshops for ACT and AP Exams, English and Math Tutoring, Science/Chemistry Cognitive Tutoring and Robotics Club. Students involved in these programs will gain lifelong skills that will help them in postsecondary education options as well as workplace endeavors.
Fun Opportunities Centered Upon Success
Though we strive to make all our activities fun, these options for afterschool involvement seem to peak student interest the most. Whether students are broadcasting live radio shows on our school radio station WBCH or using basic Culinary skills to create various delicious recipes, our students are learning while having fun. Barren Beyond the Bell is excited to help provide another addition to the school day by adding Simple Carpentry classes to its offerings this year.  
Fitness Opportunities Centered Upon Success
Archery Club will help students learn about various techniques to bow handling and team building.This program will provide an array of activities for students who want to learn proper bow handling, target shooting, basic competitions among peers,  increase endurance, or relieve stress through physical activity. Students who participate in these programs will also receive personal counseling in academic areas to improve school day success.
Fifth Opportunity Centered Upon Success
After four 9 week grading periods, you might think our students were ready for summer; however, we also offer a fifth opportunity for success for BCHS students. This summer, Barren Beyond the Bell, helped over 40 students earn high school credits through a credit recovery camp. In addition, almost 200 first year students and their families attended Freshman Orientation Centered Upon Success where students and parents learned about academic expectations and opportunities at the high school. 
Freely Offering Communities Unconditional Service
This program will highlight the importance of uniting students to accomplish various tasks to improve local organizations in need of volunteers. The spirit of this project will likely enhance existing programs and give students a sense of collective accomplish related to giving back to the community. Studies show volunteerism in high school is a direct predictor for later service, thus the impact of this project will yet to been seen in its fullest capacity. “The influences of high school community service participation, extracurricular involvement, and civic knowledge on voting and volunteering in early adulthood were examined using the National Educational Longitudinal Study. The major finding in this study is that both voluntary and school-required community service in high school were strong predictors of adult voting and volunteering. In addition, involvement in high school extracurricular activities was predictive of voting and volunteering.” (High School Community Service as a Predictor of Adult Voting and Volunteering Daniel Hart and Thomas M. Donnelly at Rutgers University)
In the first 20 days of school, our students and staff have completed over 200 hours of service to our community. Our freshmen students won the first challenge of 100 hours of service in one school month.
Families on Campus Uplifting Students
Finally, Barren Beyond the Bell is promoting family fun and education sessions on a monthly basis. Our first series of events for August and September will focus on academic progress for our students through the use of Advanced Placement and ACT Prep sessions.  Families who participate in these programs are also urged to join our family organization to volunteer their skills to celebrate students successes as well as increase career awareness by sharing information about workplace readiness skills.