About the District

Barren County is a rural school district recognized by the state as a growth district. We are located in South Central Kentucky near Barren River Lake State Resort Park and Mammoth Cave National Park.

We have seven elementary schools, one middle school (7-8), a 9th grade transitional academy, and one high school (10-12).

We offer various other opportunities for Expanded Learning such as BAVEL, The Phoenix, a state of the art Area Technical (Vocational) School, and our College Street Campus.

Contact any of our schools or departments for more information:

Austin-Tracy Elementary School
2477 Austin Tracy Rd.
Lucas, KY 42156
Principal: Joey Bunch
Secretary: Amber Proffitt
Counselor: Darla Beckham
FRYSC: Dana Salley (270) 646-4784
Cafeteria Info: Pam Staples - Mgr.
Barren Academy of Virtual and Expanded Learning (BAVEL)
113 West Public Square
Glasgow, KY 42141
Co-Directors - Jeanelle McGuire, Phillip Napier, Melinda Owens;
Pam Carter, Hilary Mercer  -  Full Time Teachers;  Registrar - Linda Tinsley
Barren County Board of Education
Central Office - Glasgow Public Square
202 West Washington St.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Bo Matthews- Superintendent
Stephanie Spence- Administrative Assistant
Debby Browning/Brenda Campbell- Receptionists
Cortni Crews- Assistant Superintendent
Heather Gardner- Grant Writer
Patty Gentry - Volunteer Coordinator
Leigh Ann Allbright- Secretary
Kathy Burris- Director of Elementary Instruction
Scott Harper- Director of Instruction & Technology
Lacie Burks- Administrative Assistant
Cynthia York- Director of Special Programs
Jamie Riley- Administrative Assistant
Anthony Frazier- Director of Pupil Personnel
Tammi Furlong- Attendance Associate
Joe Murley- Director of Finance
Amanda Nunn- Assistant Director of Finance
Charlene Jackson- Administrative Assistant
Victoria Hunley- Payroll Manager
Star McClard- Employee Benefits Coordinator
CheyAnne Fant- Director of Nutrition Services & 21st CCLC
Stacy Hammer - Nutrition Accounting & Compliance 
Lisa Yarberry - Nutrition Accounting & Compliance

Barren County Bus Garage
590 Harry King Rd.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Chip Jenkins - Director of Transportation
Sharon Curtis - Administrative Assistant
Jennifer London - Administrative Assistant
Barren County Community Education
21st Century Community Learning Centers, Barren Beyond the Bell 
Barren County Innovation Zone
475 Trojan Trail
Glasgow, KY 42141
Sonya Davis - Director


Barren County - Hillcrest Annex
1309 Roseville Rd.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Special Programs-
Teacher Consultant - Christa Middleton, Molly Caswell
School Psychologists - Dan Belding, Ann Epperson, Bridget Wilfert
CJ Fleming - ESL Assistant
Isela Furlong- ESL Assistant
Sherri Perkins -Instructional Assistant
Anthony Frazier- DPP/Director of Facilities 
Vivian Garrett- Administrative Assistant
Central Region Migrant Center-
April Harper- Regional Director
Bobbi Mayes- Regional Clerk
Becca Neal- Regional Advocate Assistant
Tarsis Hicks- Regional Recruiter
Laney Deckard- Regional Recruiter
Connie Granados- Regional Recruiter
Sherry Stephens- Barren Co District Migrant Advocate
Barren County High School
507 Trojan Trail
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Amy Irwin
Asst. Principal: Letitia Hughes
Asst. Principal: Lee Johnson
Secretary: Glenna Gardner
Bookkeeper: Jackie Nuckols & Samantha Smith
Attandance: Jill Bryant, Rose Burris
Counselors: Jill Leftwich, Carrie Bunch, Angie Frazier
Counseling Office Secretary: Brandy Pendygraft
Counselors Office Fax (270) 629-2468
YSC: Ashley Moore (270) 651-6587
Tech Office- (270) 659-2875
Cafeteria Info: Angie Riddle- Centralized Kitchen Manager
Barren County Innovation Zone
475 Trojan Trail
Glasgow, KY 42141
Asst. Principal: 
Secretary: Belinda Dillon
Cafeteria Info: Angie Riddle

Barren County Middle School
555 Trojan Trail
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Stacey Thomas
Asst. Principal: Olivia Dooley
Asst Principal: Jonathan DeVore
Secretary: Vickie Pace & Lena Carver
Bookkeeper: Lisa Austin
Registrar: Ashley Turner
Counselors: Alicia Haley, Jason Rickard (interim) 
YSC: Jean Ann Emerson (270) 651-1077
Cafeteria Info: Angie Riddle- Centralized Kitchen Manager
Barren County Technology Center (ATC)
491 Trojan Trail
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Ashley Burd

Barren County Trojan Academy
505 Trojan Trail
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Daryl Murphy
Registrar: Sharon Young
Reception: Kareena Mansfield
Counselor: Nicole Jones
YSC:  Shelley Young (270) 629-5509
Cafeteria Info: Angie Riddle- Centralized Kitchen Manager
College Street Campus
304 College St.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Lori Downs
Counselor: Chele Gillon
Secretary: Amy Peden
Mental Health Coordinator:  Shawna Shartzer
Cafeteria Info: Phyllis McKinney - Mgr.
Eastern Elementary School
4601 New Salem Rd.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Erika Devore
Secretary: Tammy Jolly
Counselor: Haley Johnson
FRYSC: Felicia Montgomery (270) 678-4480
Cafeteria Info: Melissa Cumpton - Mgr.

Hiseville Elementary School
149 Cardinal Blvd.
Hiseville, KY 42152
Principal: Shari Alexander
Secretary: Micki Lindsey
Counselor: Michelle Murphy
FRYSC: Stephanie Decker (270) 453-4426
Cafeteria Info: Julie Crist - Mgr.

North Jackson Elementary School
2002 North Jackson Hwy.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Jeannie London
Assistant Principal: Leah Kate Pniewski 
Secretary: Alison Trigg
Counselor: Sherry Waldrop
FRYSC: Bobbie Myers (270) 629-5388
Cafeteria Info: Ron Bowman- Mgr.

Park City Elementary School
45 Indian Mill Rd.-P.O. Box 45
Park City, KY 42160
Principal: Anthony Janes
Secretary: Nicole Johnson
Counselor: Heather Deckard
FRYSC: Christy England (270) 749-2507
Cafeteria Info: Angie Morgan - Mgr.

Red Cross Elementary School
215 Parkview Dr.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal: Michael Davis
Assistant Principal: Josh Maples
Counselors: Cindy Alexander and Erica Nesbitt
Secretaries: Janet Sturgeon & Stacie Sewell
FRYSC: Penny Huffman (270) 651-1319
Cafeteria Info: Mary Ruth Jessie - Mgr.

Temple Hill Elementary School
8788 Tompkinsville Rd.
Glasgow, KY 42141
Principal:  Cory Edwards
Secretary:  Melissa Harden
Counselor: Dana Bailey 
FRYSC: Emily Keith (270) 427-2273
Cafeteria Info: Teresa Buchanan - Mgr.