A. Superintendent

Mr. Bo Matthews - Superintendent
Mrs. Stephanie Spence, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Debby Browing & Mrs. Brenda Campbell, Administrative Assistants/Receptionist

B. Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Cortni Crews, Assistant Superintendent
Mrs. Jennifer London, Administrative Assistant

Volunteer Program 

C. Instruction & Technology

Mrs. Kathy Burris, Director of Elementary Instruction
Mr. Scott Harper, Director of Instruction & Technology
Mrs. Lacie Burks, Administrative Assistant

D. Exceptional Child Education

Mrs. Cynthia York, Director of Special Programs

Mr. Dan Belding, School Psychologist
Mrs. Molly Caswell, Teacher Consultant
Mrs. Ann Epperson, School Psychologist                             
Mrs. Christa Middleton, Teacher Consultant 

Mrs. Sherri Perkins, Psychologist Assistant
Mrs. Jamie Riley, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Bridget Wilfert, School Psychologist

E. Facilities Management

Mr. Anthony Frazier, Director
Mrs. Vivian Garrett, Administrative Assistant

F. Finance

Mr. Joe Murley, Director of Finance/Treasurer
Mrs. Amanda Nunn, Assistant Director of Finance
Mrs. Charlene Jackson, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Victoria Hunley, Payroll Manager

G. Nutrition Services
Welcome to the Barren County Schools Nutrition Services Webpage. Barren County Schools are dedicated to providing appealing nutritious for all students in the BC School District, and we look forward to serving the families of our community by providing nutrition education and meals.
For more information, please contact:
Mrs. CheyAnne Fant, Director of Nutrition Services
Mrs. Lisa Yarberry, Nutrition Services Accounting and Compliance
Mrs. Stacy Hamme
r, Nutrition Services Accounting and Compliance
H. Pupil Personnel

Mr. Anthony Frazier, Director of Pupil Personnel
Mrs. Tammi Furlong, Attendance Associate

Shawna Shartzer, Mental Health Coordinator  WEBSITE

Attendance, Discipline Code Handbook, Enrollment Forms, School Calendar, Student Handbook, Truancy

With safety being our number one priority in the Barren County School System, our School Resource Officer and the Barren County Director of Pupil Personnel would like to share the following message.  We want to be as transparent as possible with our community and students on our proactive approach to school safety versus a reactive approach.

Elementary PSA with SRO

Middle & High PSA with SRO

J. Technology

Mr. Scott Harper, Director of Instruction & Technology
Mrs. Lacie Burks, Administrative Assistant

K. Transportation

Mr. Chip Jenkins, Director of Transportation
Ms. Sharon Curtis, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Jennifer London, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Charlie Tedder, Lead Driver Trainer
Mrs. Michelle Hanlin, Driver Trainer
Mr. Kevin Poynter, Driver Trainer
Mr. Shaun Steenbergen, Lead Technician
Mr. Josh Hodges, Technician

Mrs. Connie Esters, Dispatcher

L. Central Region Migrant

Mrs. April Harper, Regional Director
Mrs. Bobbi Mayes, Regional Clerk
Mrs. Becca Neal, Regional Advocate Assistant
Mrs. Tarsis Hicks, Regional Recruiter
Mrs. Laney Deckard, Regional Recruiter
Mrs. Connie Granados, Regional Recruiter

M. Community


Mrs. Sonya Davis, Barren County Community Education/21st Century Coordinator


N. Health Services

Mrs. Cynthia York, Director of Special Programs
Mrs. Rita Powell, District School Nurse

O. Employees

Ms. Cortni Crews, Assistant Superintendent
Mrs. Star McClard, Employee Benefits

S. Preschool

What are we all about at Barren County Schools? Take a look! 

Profile of a Trojan


BC Readiness Scores ABOVE State Average! 

BCS kindergarten readiness higher than state average


BCS kindergarten readiness camp

Debbie Dickerson, a preschool teacher for Barren County Schools, center, instructs rising kindergartners during the Kindergarten Readiness Camp last summer at North Jackson Elementary.


GLASGOW – The Kentucky Department of Education's Kindergarten Readiness 2016-17 State Results found that only half of Kentucky students who entered kindergarten were ready.

According to that same data, Barren County Schools had 60.8 percent of kindergartners considered ready when they entered the 2016-17 school year.

A BCS press release states that this percentage includes students who attended Barren County preschool, Head Start, a private child care provider or stayed home prior to enrolling in kindergarten.

“Of those who did attend a Barren County Schools preschool program, 65.2 percent were determined ready for kindergarten,” the press release states, adding that the BCS Board of Education is “very pleased” with the scores.

Barren County Schools has seen steady growth in its kindergarten readiness scores during the last several years, according to the press release. The school district had 45.9 percent of its kindergartners considered ready in 2014-15 and 57.9 percent in 2015-16.

Cynthia York, BCS director of special programs, stated in the press release that she attributes the continued improvement to the “use of a common curriculum across the district taught by expert teachers in their field.”

“The camps for new (kindergarten) students that are offered in the summer prior to a student entering school have enabled teachers to review with students skills they already know or may need to learn to be successful in kindergarten,” York said. “Partnerships with 21st Century programming and grants received from KDE have allowed these camps to occur and are an obvious benefit to all who attend.”


Rising kindergartners walk in a line to lunch during the Kindergarten Readiness Camp last summer at North Jackson Elementary. Their instructor, Debbie Dickerson, said the students learn how to walk in the hallway with a "Bubble and Tail." She said they know they have to "bubble their mouth" and have "a tail" behind them with their hands. "That keeps their hands to themselves and it keeps them nice and quiet," Dickerson said. "And they enjoy making those gestures to us as they walk down the hall."


Kathy Burris, BCS teacher consultant for special programs, previously told the Glasgow Daily Times that the kindergarten readiness summer camps give the students “a head start for when they come back in August.”

“Teachers typically see quite a bit of growth,” Burris said. “Even though it's just five days, they see quite a bit of growth.”

Last spring, the BCS preschool program received a five-star rating from the Kentucky Department of Education. Kentucky All STARS is the state's expanded five-star quality rating and improvement system for early care and education programs, according to the KDE website.

“Studies show that children who attend high-quality, early-learning environments have better math, language and social skills,” the KDE website states. “The unified system serves all early care and education programs that receive public funding including child care centers, Head Start and public preschool.

“Kentucky All STARS is based on Kentucky's Early Childhood Standards and research-based indicators of quality.

“It recognizes programs that have made a commitment to continuous quality improvement.”

Burris said it is really important that parents realize how crucial brain development is – even before age 3 – in getting their kids ready for kindergarten.

T. English Language Learners (ELL)

Cynthia York - Director                  
CJ Fleming - ELL Teacher (Profesor)            
Isela Furlong - ELL Teacher (Profesor)          

Welcome to the English Language Learner page for Barren County Schools! This page is designed to provide resources to students, parents and teachers. We encourage you to check back often for additional information and resources. 

Bienvenido a la página de Inglés como segunda lengua para las escuelas del condado de Barren. Esta página está diseñada para proporcionar recursos para estudiantes, padres y profesores . Le invitamos a que visite con frecuencia para obtener información adicional y recursos.