Dear Parent or Guardian:


Our goal in 2nd grade is to create an environment which is stimulating, safe for your child, and will include daily use of our 7 Habits.  This includes assisting children in making appropriate choices.  The desired classroom rules will center around The 7 Habits.  Each child will be able to keep track of his/her personal behavior by using a behavioral chart.  The behavior chart works in unison with Class Dojo. The behavioral chart/Dojo will work in this manner:


  • Blue – Outstanding!
  • Green – Ready to learn!!
  • Yellow – Think about it! (Your choices)
  • Red – Sad choice!


Each child begins a new day on green.  Children can go above and beyond and move up to blue. When students make a poor choice, they may move to yellow or red after several redirects. 


Please sign or initial agendas each night after homework is completed. An afternoon homework time will be included in our schedule. This will be written into their agenda and will be in the homework folder to view and return to school the next day. 


Thank you,


2nd grade team,