Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules/Procedures

The following rules are taught in my classroom:
  1. Be a good listener
  2. Follow directions given by the teacher(s)
  3. Be kind and respectful to others
  4. Take care of materials and supplies
  5. Take responsibility for your actions
A token economy is used to help reinforce students for following rules/procedures.  The students are able to earn points throughout their time with me.  Once they have filled their point card (100 points), then they may trade it in for a prize from the prize box.  

A response cost system is also used to correct misbehavior.  The students have 4 tickets that each represent a consequence.  The tickets are reset each day so each day is a new start.  The tickets are as follows:
         This ticket is just a warning, a reminder to stop and think.

         This ticket is taking away time they earn for Fast Pass Fridays.

         This ticket has students write the rule(s) as a reminder to help
                         them remember what rule they need to work on.  

         This ticket has the student either visit the office or a call/note home.  

The goal for the week is to earn free time in the form of our Fast Pass Ticket for Fridays.  This allows the student to choose a freetime activity after group instruction that they can do for the time that has been earned.