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Dear Parents,

This folder is to be used for the ILearn@home days. This plan is designed to lessen the impact of missed instruction due to severe weather or other emergency days. The folder contains 5 days worth of work. The school system will use the Polar Report, school website, the OneCall Now system and Dojo to relay the information. It will state whether school is closed and if the ILearn@home plan should be used. It could possibly say, utilize ILearn@home – Day 1.

          We will be available from 7:20 am - 2:25 pm. You can contact us through our school emails or Dojo. I will be able to answer any questions you have. All material has been previously taught, so the packet work is covering previously taught concepts.

            Please put this packet in a safe place. Work will need to be returned the day we return from the break. Your child will have 3 school days to get this completed and returned to school or they will be considered absent for that day. If you misplace the packet, please let me know. Thank you for your time. Hopefully this will help alleviate making up missed days due to inclement weather.


                                                                                  Third Grade Teachers

   Chrisn King                                                                 


Amanda Lockhart


Marla McFarland


Whitleigh Stephens

*Please refer to your packet for completing your assignments.

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