iLearn for Music/Art Class

--See Homeroom Teacher Website for iLearn Directions.

--Please contact me if you have any questions.

or Dojo.

--iLearn at home options for Music/ART--
Fill in your choice on the Related Arts Grid of the Packet.

*Watch "How to Draw....." Videos on YouTube.  Show Mrs. Lancaster your finished drawing.

*Sing a Patriotic Song with (or without) YouTube.

*Make a collage from recycled paper or magazines.

*Go online and create a song with Incredibox.

*Make an art project from recycled items.

*Compose a song using the Garage Band app.

*Watch Bob Ross videos.

*Make an instrument from items around the house and play along with your favorite music.  

*Draw a self portrait.

*Video yourself doing a musical performance and send to Mrs. Lancaster on FaceBook. (LOVE!)  

*Practice something that you would like to perform for the class.

*Try Origami.  Look it up online for directions or watch videos.