District STLP Information

STLP Logo image   Barren County Schools STLP Fall Showcases Invited to Participate at State Competition

Austin Tracy Elementary Showcases
Inductive Learning: A Cross Community Collaboration
Pit Partners


Eastern Elementary Showcases
Animal Helpers
Food Drive
Granny Tech 101
Kids Care

Hiseville Elementary Showcases
3 out of 2 Have Trouble with Fractions
We Are Ready

North Jackson Elementary Showcases
Kindness Begins With You
Virtual Barren County
Art Crazy

Park City Elementary Showcases
Red Cross Elementary Showcases
Code It!
Power Off!

Temple Hill Elementary Showcases
Chose Kind

Barren County Middle School Showcases


Barren County High School
Trojans for Texas

Engineer - Jared T.
Engineer - Jayden T (ALT)
Engineer - Kalei S. (ALT)

Media Arts - Jared T.
Production Co. - Aaron R.
Scratch Ambassador - Nate W.
Scratch Ambassador - Corbin W.
Social Media - Emily P.